About me


"Was I or dance falling in love with me...? When, at the age of eight, I have got acquainted with dance for the first time, I didn't even know, where it would take me. I always enjoyed dancing lessons, even if the dance teachers were very strict. Now, after many years of trainings and experiences in different dance fields, from Vilnius to London, from London to New York, from New York to Los Angeles, the world's most famous dancing schools-studios, as so the trip to the island of Gods - Bali... My dance has transformed as I did, in my Essential dancing journey of life. The vision, that has opened up through Essential birth within, has also brought "Essential Dance" - dance practices with the therapeutic power, that I simply cannot share "- Zuzana Bardovska.


Certified fitness training instructor, holistic lifestyle lover and messenger, professional dancer and stage performer, founder of “Širdies šokis” - Essential Dance practises in Lithuania, as well as Essential Dance Course. She is also leading women's circles and retreats in Lithuania, as so in some Asian countries, too. She has been a lecturer of emotional release technique seminars. Zuzana is also a "Rain Drop Technique" massage instructor.


"Širdies šokis" - when the Heart dances... in one rhythm... with the Essence of Your life...

For those who are determined for change - a wider and deeper Self realisation in a brighter and more harmonious daily life, naturally unfolding in a state of Oneness and Love.



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